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People desire freedom. It is the ability to make your own decisions, to do the things you want or to be able to travel to different parts of the world without any form of obstruction. People have many definitions of freedom based on their own situation and circumstances in life. Since time immemorial, people have been fighting for freedom. It is the right to live life and to decide on your own choices without anybody dictating what to do.  In other countries, the word freedom may refer to escape from the oppression of slavery where people are taken from their families to serve like animals for different brutal and cruel masters. This type of bondage entails torture and physical harm to the person who have become a slave. While other countries shout for freedom from a dictatorial leadership and never-ending rule of tyranny, others are addicted to dangerous substances such as drugs and alcohol. These often times lead to the death of an individual or even to contaminated illnesses. The different meanings of freedom depend on the individual involved. Some take it in a negative way while others use freedom of life for positive reasons. Freedom could turn into an advantage or disadvantage in relation to how a person handles a particular circumstance and turn the same into his favor. Freedom gives an individual a sense of hope and meaning in life. Each one of us have our own strong will, the ability to choose right from wrong, and the skill to make decisions based on what we think is right for us. It is a fact that although we are breathing or have the gift of life, we could really never enjoy it unless we are free and no one is threatening nor forcing us to decide on our own.

The Advantages of Freedom in Life

Successful people have truly exercised their rights as human beings. They have developed their talents and skills to the fullest of their potential and have even earned profits from their wisdom, knowledge and skills. People such as Bill Gates have applied his freedom in a way that has benefitted not only him but also his family, friends and the whole world. Having the freedom to exercise and enjoy life to the fullest have led into a series of discoveries and achievements. Scientists like Einstein was able to study and learn the value of science. In other countries where education is not free and where people are even threatened and prohibited from studying, the people are not able to experience the advantages of attaining a career and a degree. Sometimes, in order to attain freedom, there must be a price. For example, the price of success in a job opportunity is sacrifice, sacrificing and exerting more time devoted to the job sometimes even at the expense of selfish enjoyment. Secondly, the price of freedom for a country to be liberated from oppression may be the death of an individual who stands up for what is right and just. Usually these instances happen where special individuals have sacrificed their lives in order to save many. Life is valuable and so is freedom. It is the same with breathing, water and the need for sunlight. In its absence, what good is there to live or to continue living in the lack of hope. Often times even in the midst of chaos and suffering, people become liberated from selfish thoughts or wrong principles. Freedom in life comes in many forms and colors. It is free to all, free to those who will fight for it.

How I Understand Freedom

What is freedom? If you ask one hundred people this question, you’ll receive one hundred different answers, because every person understands this phenomenon in his or her own way. I wonder whether this notion can be accurately defined and it seems to me that the answer is no.

Some people consider freedom to be a synonym of democracy. Others believe that it is an opportunity to act freely and embody ideas. There are also those who are sure that it is a possibility to do what they want regardless of the impact their actions will have on other people. A prisoner thinks that freedom is a life out of prison, where you decide everything on your own. For me, freedom is an absence of pressure and enforcement from other people. As you see, it is a very wide notion, which every person understands differently and there can hardly be one common opinion.

I’m definitely sure that everybody knows this statement: “My freedom ends where the freedom of another person starts”. Within the society the area of freedom available to each of the individuals is restricted. A person is free to do what laws and social customs do not forbid. Still, what distinguishes a free society from other societies is the extent of the restrictions put on freedom. We can hardly say that all the societies are free in the same way.

Personally I believe that we, as human beings, are social creatures and we really need to live in the society that is restricted. Can you imagine one where all the people do what they want to? I think that it would turn into chaos. That’s why I stick to the opinion that people should obey the rules of the society they live in and respect the rights of other people.

As for me, I can hardly say that I am a free person, because I observe the rules and traditions of the society. Sometimes I’m not free to act as I want, because I know that it can bring harm to people whom I love and respect. I’m not free to leave the country I live in, because in here there are too many things, which I cannot leave and too many people, whom I love. But from time to time I feel completely free: for instance, when at dawn I ride a horse in a field and enjoy a new day be born.

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