Slow But Steady Wins The Race Essay

Slow and steady wins the race

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” 


“Slow and Study wins the race,” the proverb says that It’s important to want things those have some goals and aspirations, but its talent and achieve success through persistent efforts. In other words, those people will do his work on skill and overcome the barrier and difficulties and make through constant efforts in the right direction and right decision.

It is very profitable for that person who works very slow and consistently, and after that, they act very faster rapidly and adequately. It is continuous efforts; even we will be at the languid pace, they also will bring good results. On the other hand, it also overcomes the severe movement and delivers the right efforts in life such as occasional efforts, even at a faster pace, Seldom; it produces excellent results.

These proverbs best meaning is that who is ceaseless and steady in his approach can achieve his dream complete and get success whenever he is slow.  Most of the person is strolling, but they know very well that they perform everything without looking backwards. They look back after completing his ambition. They are taking all decision and action slowly, but that will be a right choice for his whole life. They may take every step in the right direction. On the other hand, those people are running and rushing to getting the achievement without thinking of his result and right direction, and then they lost his approaches, and all left behind.


Some people are working at one place, but there are different things in the other kind of individuals. In that, there are so many people have some exceptional talent, and it brings the failure, but when people do his work gently and ordinary, then they become to succeed in his life always. Therefore, the difference lies in the way of individuals who have worked. If everyone uses his intelligence and abilities in the right direction and place, then they will always be the success.  If they take his work gently and lightly, then they will do it by fit and starts. But some people depend upon his merit and failed. The other man worked steadily day in and day out and became successful.

Almost, people are attending the shortcut for earn his achievement and success, but it is the wrong method of life. There is no alternative for hard work. There are so many examples in history where the simple and ordinary person became the great person and get the high fame in history through the patience of many years. There were so many brilliant people in the history, and they meet up the failure for want of patience and perseverance.

One of the best examples in history is ‘Demosthenes,’ he was a best stammered, but he became the greatest orator of ancient Greece with persisting efforts. Thus, steady and patient labor brings success to man.

Famous story about Slow and steady wins the race

Once upon a time, there was the hair who was so much proudness of himself. He teased to the tortoise for his slowness, because the turtle walks languid pace. The latter challenged the former for the run a race.

After that challenging, The Hare accepted the challenge with the tortoise and asked him for to select the umpire for the contest.

We should continue our work with slow and steady; then we will achieve all thing what we want. We may seem slow. First, our regular will mean that we end up ahead. There are some instances of the importance of this proverb in daily life. There was a choice fell upon the Fox, who has fixed the goal.

The day of racing, they came again together and began to run the race. When a race is started, the tortoise is going very slow and steady, the and hare has seen the turtle, and as usual, he thought that tortoise is very slow and he can never follow him. The afterthought of that, the choices the usual swiftness left the tortoise far behind and thought a taking a short nap. However, it soon fell fast asleep. The tortoise has continued his race and walks with very slow pace steadily, after that he successfully reached his goal and left behind to the Hare and wins.

When the animal awoke, he searched the tortoise at his behind, but he is not found him and sped with all its might. As a result, the tortoise wins with the hare. However, to its utter amazement, it found the tortoise dozing comfortably at the goal, after the fatigue of the race.

Way of this proverb

We should work with gently and steady, and as better, we can do our job, we should complete our task at a steady pace.

  • We should make comfortable and steady in our study. So we can finish our studies with good pace.
  • At anywhere we do work, but we have to do our walk with athletics and do not overdo the training of ourselves.
  • Always make patience for great success, while it is for work matter and love matter. If we will become patient and wait then love life will become apparent.
  • If we want to save money, so we should build up the plenty of savings and do not overexert ourselves. Always keep the steady pace for saving money.



In the tortoise and hare story, the rabbit was quick and fast-moving against the tortoise that was very slow-moving. However, the tortoise won the race because of its tireless efforts. Hence, it is true that “slow and steady wins the race.”

Proverb Expansion


This is a well-known proverb which stresses the importance of perseverance. We can achieve great things only by perseverance. The man who is in a hurry is likely to commit mistakes and is likely to fail. If we wish to succeed, we should work calmly and patiently. In a long race, it is the man who runs with single-minded attention that wins. The man who runs in a hurry is likely to get tired soon and may not win the race. This is clearly illustrated by the famous fable of the victory. He was confident of reaching the goal and even despised the tortoise for moving slowly. He slept under a tree for some time. The slow but steady tortoise continued his race and reached the finishing point much before the hare. The tortoise won the race because he worked steadily and patiently. The fable teaches us that steady hard work will help us to win even the impossible. There are certain things in our lives which we may think are very difficult to achieve. But if we work slowly and steadily with a firm determination, certainly we will be able to win them sooner or later. Similarly, the student who works regularly every day passes the examination easily. A student who is intelligent, but wasting his time in over-confidence may fail. Thus, it is clear that we can achieve anything only by hard work and patience.

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