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The university gave distance education to those students who cann’t continue their study due to their busy schedule either doing job or own business. Out of them, one master degree course is MCOM – Master of Commerce. There are 2 sections of IGNOU M.Com Study : First one is IGNOU MCOM Term-End Exam and Second one is Assignments. Both sections have same importance in term of study and to get master degree in commerce. Every year, the university provides assignments work to master of commerce enrolled students to solve them with in time frame and submit hard copy of MCOM solved assignments in their respective study centres before due date. If MCOM enrolled students don’t submit assignment with in specified time frame, the university will not allow to sit in an examination hall. IGNOU Master of Commerce Assignments 2017-18 carry 30% weightage in your total mark obtain in theory paper. Be noted that ma commerce assignment should be submitted to the Coordinator of concerned Study Centre. After submitting, must obtain a receipt from the Study Centre.


The Study Centre in turn will send the master of commerce assignment marks to the Student Evaluation Division (SED) at IGNOU, New Delhi. Now its time come to prepare master of commerce assignments for June and December 2018 term-end exams. The distance university provides the separate booklet for master of commerce 1st year and 2nd-year assignment questions booklet in both English and Hindi medium. After completing and submitting mcom assignment process, students will be eligible to appear in an Term-End Exams for June 2018. Once, submitting assignment and attend viva successfully. Students can check M.Com assignment submission status by clicking at link Enrolled candidates can check or download assignment question paper by visiting the university online portal.


The new syllabus (July – 2017 & January – 2018) of Master of Commerce 1st and 2nd Year Assignment Question Booklet is available online at university official website. For July 2017 Session Students, the last date is March 31st 2018 while for January 2018 Session Students, the submission schedule of master of commerce is September 30th 2018. In M.Com First year, there are 6 subjects and In second year, there are also 6 subjects which needs to study. There are 6 credits of each subjects. In total, there are 12 subjects assignments solutions is available here at cheap price in the form of PDF or DOCX file and needed 72 credits to get master degree. Students whose are enrolled in M.COM – Master of Commerce and are looking for IGNOU M.COM Solved Assignments 2017-18 for all subjects in the form of PDF or DOCX format at reasonable price, then you are at right place : send an email at


Course CodeTitle of the CourseDownload Link
IBO 1International Business EnvironmentClick Here
IBO 2International Marketing ManagementClick Here
IBO 3India’s Foreign TradeClick Here
IBO 4Export Import Procedures and DocumentationClick Here
IBO 5International Marketing LogisticsClick Here
IBO 6International Business FinanceClick Here


MCO 1Organization Theory and BehaviourClick Here
MCO 3Research Methodology and Statistical AnalysisClick Here
MCO 4Business EnvironmentClick Here
MCO 5Accounting for Managerial DecisionsClick Here
MCO 6Marketing ManagementClick Here
MCO 7Financial ManagementClick Here

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IGNOU M.Com Solved Assignments 2017-18

Students of Indira Gandhi National Open University who are pursuing Master Degree in Commerce have to submit Ignou M.Com solved assignments for all the subjects/ courses in both first and second year.They can download Tutor Marked assignments in both English & Hindi medium from the official website for the session 2017-18.The Ignou MCOM assignments can be downloaded in any of the medium as per the requirement.

Note: These assignments are also valid for following courses: M.Com (F &T), M.Com (BP &CG), M.Com (MA &FS) 

The details of Ignou M.Com assignments has been mentioned below:

  • Programme Name: Master of Commerce
  • Programme Code: MCOM
  • Validity of Assignment: These assignments will remain valid for July 2017 and January 2018 session.

There will be 5 questions in each Ignou M.Com assignment. All these 5 questions carry 20 marks each. The limit of words for any answer should depends on the weightage marks of the question. If the question is of 15 marks, then the word limit should be 400-500. For 10 marks question, the word limit should be within 250 words each. For 5 marks question, write answer within 100-150 words.

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IGNOU MCOM First Year Solved Assignments 2017-18

The students have to prepare the solved assignments for all the courses in the first year.The code and name for all the M.Com courses for which the assignments have to be submitted by students in the first year has been mentioned below:

  • IBO-1: International Business Environment
  • IBO-2: International Marketing Management
  • IBO-3: India’s Foreign Trade
  • IBO-4: Export Import Procedures and Documentation
  • IBO-5: International Marketing Logistics
  • IBO-6: International Business Finance

The maximum marks for each assignment is 100. The university gives 30% weightage to these assignments. It means the 30% of the total marks obtained by the students in the assignments will be added in the total marks of the course. Therefore total marks for any course will be combination of 70% theory and 30% assignment marks.

IGNOU MCOM 1st Year Assignments Free Download

Students can easily download Ignou M.Com 1st year assignment question papers free of cost from the university official website.They do not have to pay any charges or fee for that.The university also send the hard copy of MCOM first year assignments at the physical communication address of student. In case, if anyone do not receive it, he/she may download it here…

  • Assignment Code: IBO – 01,02,03,04,05,06 /TMA/2017-18
  • First Year Assignment – Download Link

IGNOU MCOM 2nd Year Solved Assignments 2017-18

In the second year of Ignou M.Com programme, students have to submit solved assignments for the following elective courses:

  • MCO-1: Organisation Theory and Behaviour
  • MCO-03: Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis
  • MCO-04: Business Environment
  • MCO-05: Accounting for Managerial Decisions
  • MCO-06: Marketing Management
  • MCO-07: Financial Management

IGNOU MCOM 2nd Year Assignments Free Download

Students can easily download Ignou M.Com 2nd year assignment question papers free of cost from the university official website.They do not have to pay any charges or fee for that.The university also send the hard copy of MCOM second year assignments at the physical communication address of student. In case, if anyone do not receive it, he/she may download it here…

  • Assignment Code: MCO – 01,03,04,05,06,07 /TMA/2017-18
  • Second Year Assignment – Download Link

Last Date of Ignou M.Com Assignment submission

Admission CycleDate of SubmissionWhere to submit?
For July 2017 Batch15th March, 2018To, The Coordinator of the Study For students admitted in Centre allotted to you
For January 2018 Batch15th September, 2018

Students have to submit the solved assignments of Ignou M.Com programme in both first and second year for the courses which requires it. Let’s discuss about these courses…

Guidelines to write IGNOU M.Com Solved Assignments

  • Please read the assignments thoroughly and carefully
  • Students have to answer the questions as per the word limit.
  • Write the answers in your own handwriting.
  • Try to write answers in your own words. Don’t just copy & paste the answers from the study material.

How to obtain IGNOU M.Com first & second Year Solved Assignments?

It is always good to solve assignments by yourself.Because it help students to go through complete study material. It also help them in exam preparation.

In case, if someone is unable to solve assignment then he/she may request for Ignou M.Com solved assignments 2017-18 for all subjects in the form of PDF at cheap price.

All you have to do is to just click on this link to get solved assignments:

Click here to get solved assignments in English Medium

Click here to get solved assignments in Hindi Medium

Or you can send email at: [email protected]

Please mention your complete requirement while writing email. e.g. subject code

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