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Forms And Theories Of Government

There are many different forms of government many of which are found around the world. In America the most popular form of government is that which we have now and which we have enjoyed since our birth and that is a democracy. In a democracy every citizen is allowed a chance to speak and voice their opinions openly. A democracy is a system of government which is ruled by the people. It is considered an egalitarian form of government where citizens are responsible for determining the actions of the state, laws, and the public policy. Every citizen as an equal opportunity to share what they think.

The most common system around the world which is deemed democratic is that of a parliamentary democracy. In a parliamentary democracy voting for the public takes place in elections and be selections select politicians who then represent the public within a legislative assembly. In theory it was Aristotle who contrasted the rule of many with the rule of the few. Minimalism is a type of democracy where citizens give teams of their political leaders the ability to rule in periodic elections.

A direct democracy is another form of government which is based on the idea that citizens participate directly influencing their policies and their laws. In this type of government citizens do not create laws and policies through an elected representative but do it themselves. A deliberative democracy is one based on the idea that government should be governed by discussion. In this type of government everybody has an opportunity to share their thoughts with one another and this open form of debate and discussion is what helps to shape the laws. And of course a radical democracy is one based on the concept that within a society there exists oppressive power relations which must be stopped.

Of course the democracy is not the only theory of government. In autocracy is a form of government where one person holds unlimited power over the rest of the country. This is something seen in places such as Saudi Arabia where the single King has complete rule or something seen in other places where a single leader has complete control. A monarchy is a form of autocracy one that also applies to places where a royal family rules the government. Overall there are many forms of government each of which are best for different peoples and countries.

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A More Perfect Government

State and local government are the framework of American government. The practice of political experimentation, preference for variable structure, and freedom of governmental form can be found in each state. The fundamental elements of government by trial and error are the mechanisms by which tyrannical government can be prevented in the United States.

States are sovereign bodies which relinquish a portion of their sovereignty to the collective Will of their fellow states in a contractual obligation. The states themselves form a union of contractual obligation to the constitution. An important feature of the constitution is that it does not specify on the necessity of local autonomy within state structure. This empowers states to test whether local bodies of government within towns, villages, or cities are suitable to this needs.

This is what may give rise to a governmental structure which best fits the needs of its people. In instances where the burden of taxes for local school districts are placed upon local government rather than state, there can be reasonable violations of the constitution. The importance of this variance to governmental structure within state and local government is capitalized by the rational that one form of government cannot serve the people uniformly and effectively. In the event that an evolution within state or local government is constitutional and meets the needs of the people, a more perfect democracy is formed. However, should the evolution of state or local government violate the constitution and fail the people it serves, the Union is obligated to rid the collective body of its cancer.

The constitution does not deeply define the nature and means of creating a Republic. This open ended recommendation concedes to the notion that there is no perfect government. However, it is also a suggestion on how to best prevent the emergence of a tyrannical government. Any form of government that subjugates, oppresses, misrepresents or does not meet its obligation the people is in essence tyrannical. Therefore, the necessity of a safe experimental environment is necessary to test better methods of governance.

The state is provided the sovereignty to test out new and old methods of governance through the usage of local government. Although some methods and forms of government prove to be unconstitutional, these changes are done on such a small scale that it does not place the Union in jeopardy. In this sense, state and local government provide slow and steady change which best suits the needs of the people as is necessary.

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