Otc Cis 101 Assignments

A.A.S. Degree: 62 Hours

One of the fastest growing industries in the United States is the child care field. Children’s participation rates in early childhood programs continue to increase but national shortages in quality early childhood care givers and programs are a growing concern. The quality of children’s care significantly contributes to children’s school readiness and an educated staff is the link between quality programs and positive outcomes for children and families. The increasing need for educated care providers can lead to a rewarding and challenging career in preschools, child care centers, Head Start centers, church-related programs, child development centers, and campus or recreational centers.

The Early Childhood Development program is designed for the student interested in a career in early childhood settings that do not require public school certification as well as those students who plan to enter the job force immediately. The program’s course of study focuses on developing an understanding of young children and their needs. Class instruction provides students practical knowledge about the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and creative principles critical in working with young children. The hands-on practicum experiences provide students the opportunity to apply information from class and other resources to discover what really works with children in a variety of early care settings.

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Development is a two-year program designed to prepare individuals for careers, career changes and career advancement in the early childhood profession. Individuals completing the A.A.S degree will gain advanced-level competencies and an in-depth understanding of child development. Graduates will be prepared with the skills and techniques necessary to provide developmentally appropriate learning environments for young children.

Important to Note When Considering This Program: Students are required to participate in practicum experience assignments involving visitations to and/or work in an early childhood setting. Students must register with the Family Care Safety Registry and successfully pass the background screening prior to beginning any practicum experience requirement and need verification of a TB test and/or TB Risk Assessment signed by medical personnel.

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