Introductions To Expository Essays 4th

Title – Writing Expository Introductions and Conclusions
By – Jamie Danford
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 5-7

Objective: TLW write introductions and conclusions for an expository writing piece.

These particular introductions and conclusions go with the following writing prompt: Think of a household job or chore that you hate to do and explain why.

These are models and steps that I used with my 5th graders after they had already written the body of the writing piece. I learned this method from Rick Shelton, who visited our school and did a model lesson. I was shocked at how much my students’ writing improved as a result of these instructions.

The KEY here is to actually write the models on the board for the students to see after you have taken them through the steps.

Not only were the writing pieces excellent, but the students enjoyed the topic!

Expository Writing Introductions What are expository writers trying to accomplish in introductions?

  • To tell the reader what they are writing about
  • To capture the readers attention

Introduction DON’TS

  • DO NOT introduce yourself as the author
  • DO NOT begin with “I am going to write to you about”
    Professional writers DO NOT do this!

Introduction DO’S

  • 1st Sentence: State your subject
  • 2nd Sentence: Tell how you feel about the subject
  • 3rd Sentence: State your 3 reasons

Model of an Expository Introduction

The one job around the house that I hate to do more than anything else is the garbage. Sometimes I wish that the garbage would just learn to take itself out. Taking the garbage out is such a horrible task because it stinks, it is sticky, and the dogs always carry it away.

Expository Writing Conclusions What are expository writers trying to accomplish in conclusions?

  • To sum the entire writing piece up

Conclusion DO’s

  • 1st Sentence: Restate your subject
  • 2nd Sentence: Restate your reasons
  • 3rd Sentence: State a sentence about the future of the subject

Model of an Expository Conclusion

Taking out the garbage is the worst household job in the world. No one should have to suffer through the smell, stickiness, or aggravation of the dogs. One day, I hope to be able to have a machine to carry it away for me.

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Introducing Expository Writing

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Enough to strike fear in your heart?  Here's an easy way to slide your kids into expository writing.  Our kiddos have an expository essay as part of their state writing test in fourth grade.  I figure if I can help my kids get the basics of this down (instead of sending them to fourth grade with an "expository, say what?"), the fourth grade teachers at my school will worship the ground I walk on.

I modeled every step of the way using our school nurse as my example.  This type of writing was very new for my kids, so I had them work in groups.  (Sidenote-They all freaked out when I said the word essay.)

Day 1: Choose your central idea and support
(Yes, I should have taken pictures along the way.  The highlighted parts show day 1.)

I gave each group a 12x18 piece of construction paper that was folded into four sections.  They had to write their central idea and three meaning reasons to support it.

You will have to have a conversation about why "She is nice" is not meaningful support.  I told my students that our nurse had long hair, was from Kansas, and was nice, but that had nothing to do with why she was important to our school.

Day 2: Plan your support
I showed them three ways to write about their reasons:
•What ifs (what if that person wasn't at our school? What would happen?)
•Personal experience

We planned how we would support each reason.

Day 3: Time to write!
Needless to say, writing their paragraphs was a breeze after all that planning.  Each kid in the group chose a reason to turn into a paragraph, and they whipped out an expository essay in no time.

I was so happy with how these lessons went.  Each day my room was loud, but it was the GOOD kind of loud.  Kids talking and planning and discussing writing!  Swoon.

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