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Studentsalso have to write a dissertation. Times, Sunday Times (2013)She decided to convert her university dissertation on leadership into a book on the general. Times, Sunday Times (2012)The coursefinishes with a research dissertation. Times, Sunday Times (2010)My doctoral dissertation was a study of his privychamber and its staff. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Its annualprize for the best doctoral dissertation was named after him. Times, Sunday Times (2009)He could have finished it sixmonthsearlier but decided to take more time to complete the final dissertation. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Finally, there is a dissertation to write during the summer. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Such glitches betray the book's origins as a doctoral dissertation. The Times Literary Supplement (2010)I am on my lastassignment with just a dissertation to write before graduation. Times, Sunday Times (2008)After successfully completing the taught courses, students undertake a dissertation and complete a small research project on an approvedtopic. Times, Sunday Times (2012)I hope the placementwill give me some experience of their work as well as helping me with research for my dissertation. Times, Sunday Times (2007)She is partly why I feel so compelled to write my dissertation. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Then it was back to Germany to write a dissertation, which would grant him the right to a university appointment. Christianity Today (2000)

He is, according to friends, writing a learned treatise on why Labour lost the General Election.

No money, little hope

In light of Wolford's implicit approval of the use of affidavits to establish authoritativeness, the use of affidavits may be the path of least resistance when attempting to use a learned treatise, since even a party's own retained experts will likely be reluctant to call a publication authoritative if they are expected to testify.

Use of learned treatises on cross examination: practical considerations

And then there is the learned treatise, in which the writer reveals a vast knowledge of musical history, the composer, compositional trends and such like, finishing off with a desultory listing of the performers as a kind of tag line.

What I think about: music critics

While those learned treatises are being written, More Than I Can Say: Michael Peers--A Memoir adds a layer of warm, personal perspectives on a life lived very much in the public eye.

Portrait of a leader in tumultuous times

Due tributes offered (Noko, Benesch), and the examination of the significant role voices intoned but not often heard (Achtelstetter, Isaak, Philip) offer the frame that encompasses learned treatises on questions of sexuality and the erotic (Nessan, Gerle), on the environment (Moe-Lobeda, Rossing), religious interface (Sinn) and facets of the ecumenical wells of the reforming Christian movement (Stortz).

Theology in the life of the Lutheran communion: a tribute to Karen Bloomquist

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