Article For Assignment Bel 313 Assignment

The NovoEd platform provides a discussion space for all individual assignments. This is a great place to interact with your peers and provide critical feedback on submissions.

There are a few places to view trending submissions and access the full submission gallery. 

1. On the course home page, you can look for the "Trending Submissions" section below your timeline. 

From the specific assignment page, you can access the full submission gallery from the "View all Submissions" link from the checklist. 

In select courses, you may be able to view assignments as they are submitted (do consult with your Teaching Team if not announced during the course). Otherwise, once the assignment deadline has passed, you will also receive a notification stating that the submissions are ready for review! This will lead you to the submission gallery. 

Once you reach the submission gallery, you may sort the pool of submissions by number of votes, trending, and most recently submitted. You can then click on any one of the submission and share your comments at the bottom. 

Once a teacher has assigned comprehension questions or a writing prompt to his or her class, students can log on to their Front Row accounts to complete the assignment. Teachers can assign articles in advance and can also assign multiple articles at once. For this article, I've assigned students the Martin Luther King, Jr. article.

1) Students log on at and select Assignments at the bottom of the screen.

 (This is a high school student dashboard. Dashboards for middle and elementary schools will look different, but the buttons will be in the same place.)

2) Students choose the pending assignment listed under "Assignments" to complete.

For example, this student has assignments pending in Math, ELA, and Social Studies.  

3) Students complete reading comprehension assignments by reading and answering questions.

Students can scroll both on the article side and the questions side of the assignment. 

Students can also highlight text as they read. To highlight, students simply use the computer mouse (or their finger on an iPad) to select the words they want to highlight. There are 4 different highlighter colors to choose from. This feature can be used in a number of different ways. Students can highlight confusing words or sections of text in one color. They can select evidence for the writing prompt using another color. Teachers can ask students to use different colored highlighters for various purposes.

Students check the box or boxes next to the answer choice(s) they want to select. Some questions have one answer, while other questions have multiple answers. Students click the green "Submit" button when they are done and want to submit the assignment. Students earn coins for completing ELA assignments and can visit the Piggy Store to redeem those coins.

When students have submitted their answers, they will immediately see their performance on the assignment. Students can look over their answers and view correct answers to better understand how they did.

When students navigate back to their ELA assignments, they can view their completed assignments at the bottom of the page. 

Students can click on each completed assignment to review how they answered the questions. Responses highlighted green signify correct answers. Responses highlighted red signify incorrect answers.

4) Students complete writing assignments by responding to a writing prompt.

For writing assignments, students simply click on the assignment, read the article and the prompt, and type their response in the text box to the right of the article. Most prompts require students to use textual evidence in their responses. Students submit their responses when finished and wait for teachers to assign them a grade. 

Teachers can then see student performance on particular assignments by logging on to their teacher accounts, clicking on "Activity Report" under "Articles Reports" under ELA. Here, teachers will find a list of all ELA assignments ever sent to students. To see more information about the assignment, teachers can switch between the Class Activity and Student Activity tab. Teachers can get immediate feedback on how well students were able to read and comprehend an assigned article or how well they were able to respond to a corresponding writing prompt. To learn more about what information you can see with the "ELA Student Activity Report" button, click here.

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