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...Technology has madelife easier, and as the saying goes, “The more you have, the moreyou’ll want.” We are a fast-paced society that does not give muchthought to the world around us. Not only do we not seem to noticethe beauty of nature, but we have started destroying it without asecond thought.I am living in a society that does not place great emphasison the marvelous works of nature. Until very recently, I hadnever seen the sun rise. I have become accustomed to waking eachmorning to the sound of the alarm clock, turning on thetelevision to find out the weather, and getting dressed in myair-conditioned, electrically lit house. There is absolutely noneed to step outside and feel the temperature, or to raise theblinds for light. By the time I leave my house to rush to my car,the sun is already up and shining.People may say that isn’t such a bad thing. They ratherenjoy the comforts that technology offers. I mean, what goodwould it do to get up early just to sit on the porch and watchthe sky turn colors? I have found that at this particular time,when the sky transforms to the most brilliant shades of pink andpurple and melding into radiant hues of orange, peace andinspiration seem to flood through me. It’s during the early hoursof the morning that I can get true perspective of exactly howsmall we all are. No matter how technologically advanced we everget, we can never match the wonders of a sunrise. That issomething we...


 Nature and TechnologyOriginally I spent a lot of time trying to combine Nature and Technology working in harmony,Whether it be an animal having a day job, or a ladybird with helicopter wings. This appeared to bethe most straight forward and obvious way of producing five images based around the brief of  Nature and technology. I began work based around the idea of a grizzly bear carrying out everyday jobs, such as a builder, policeman or a doctor for example. However, during my production processof these images I began to worry that the idea had no direct relation to any iconic themes in natureor technology. A grizzly bear is hardly an iconic animal of nature, and doing different jobs is notreally an effect of technology nor a technology in itself. This made me begin to think about howtechnology is directly affecting nature as a whole, straight away Global Warming came to mind.This theme gave me the opportunity to have a direct relation between both nature and technology,as technology is having an affect on nature, as Global Warming is proving.“By 2040 the Arctic may have its first ice free summer“, indicating that animals such as the Polar Bear, Penguins and Seals’ natural habits will be totally wiped out due to the effects of GlobalWarming. This will have a huge impact on these animals causing them to either adapt to theenvironment they are left with, or to be totally wiped out. We can predict this as there has already been “a 17 per cent decline in polar bear numbers on the western coast of Hudson Bay in Manitoba province - from 1200 to fewer than 1000 over the past 10 years - due to the effects of globalwarming.” But what really is Global Warming and why should we care about it? “As human-caused biodiversity loss and climate disruption gain ground, we need to keep our sights clear andunderstand that the measure of a threat is not a matter of whether it is made on purpose, but of howmuch loss it may cause. It's an ancient habit to go after those we perceive to be evil because theyintended to do harm. It's harder, but more effective, to "go after," meaning to more effectivelyeducate and socialize, those vastly larger numbers of our fellow humans who are not evil, but whose behaviour may in fact be far more destructive in the long run." (Ed Ayres 2001)There is a lot of controversy looming over Global Warming, as to whether or not its reallyhappening. In 1998 20% of people didn't belive in Global Warming and its affects. My attempt toconvert this 20% of the poppulation is based on the theory outlined by Abbinnett (2003 p. 74) byMarxism about the development of technology by stating that,“Marxism demands that we attend both to the logic of representation (distortion, false identity) which determines culturalreproduction, and to the development of the technologies through which this reproduction is carriedout” Based on this, if I produce images which are photo-realistic, which once wouldn't have been possible without the advances in computers, the audience will believe to an extent what they seeinitially, until they put some thought into its real deeper meaning, in this case global warming.Carbon Dioxide from Power Plants, Cars, Airplanes, Buildings, and Deforestation are alltechnologies all used to give humans a more convenient and easy life style, however potentiallydoing the exact opposite to wildlife that habitat the Arctic. I have therefore produced a series of images and a website to reflect the impact of global warming and represent the dramatic effects it iscausing the environment. My aim was to produce five iconic images, which would really make the person viewing the images feel very aware about the real effects of Global Warming, and I felt thiscould be achieved through a mix of both surrealism and realism. By doing so it is adding a level of Hyper Reality, making it difficult for the audience to distinguish beween what elements of theimages are real and which ones are sureal. By adding this level of depth to the image it shouldencourage the user to think about the underlying meanings of global warming.In all of my images I have taken animals such as polar bears and penguins which are very iconicwhen talking about global warming, out of their natural habitat in which we associate them, and putthem in an environment in which we would not expect to see them. This instantly would make the

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