Persuasive Essay On Why Students Should Not Wear Uniforms

Students Should Wear Uniforms Debate Essay

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For years, there have been hundreds of debates about whether students should wear uniforms or not. Many schools agreed with the idea and have already required school uniforms, while others are still considering it. Some say that school uniforms represent discipline and instill school pride, but others think that it is not creativity and comfortable. Despite that there are still arguments about it; school uniforms have increasingly demonstrated their importance and influence in many ways. Students should have to wear uniforms because it will help students to perform better at school, give students a sense of discipline, lower the cost for parents, and decrease the rate of crime. Students who do not want to wear uniforms will give many…show more content…

While wearing uniforms, students have to obey and follow the rules, so they will learn how to respect others. An article reports “Teachers and principals often report that discipline problems are reduces in schools that implements a standardized dress program.” (School Uniforms). In addition, wearing school uniforms is a step of preparation for professional life. When you have a job, you will have to wear uniforms. Whether you are a doctor or a nurse, you are in the same position. School uniforms also help students to realize that they are a part of a group, so they feel liked they belong and learn to take responsibility for whatever they do. Next, school uniforms will encourage the learning environment. If school does not require uniforms, it will take more time for students to decide what to wear for the next day. They will have to think so much about clothing, shoes, or hair. Therefore, they cannot use that valuable time to concentrate more on their studies and others activities. Uniforms remind them that they are still students and the biggest goal is to learn. This will motivate them to try their best to achieve the goal. When I was in Vietnam, all students were required to wear uniforms, and students were fine with it. They did not find any inconvenience or think that it prevented them from expressing themselves, because they understood that it would benefit them in different ways. In the

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Students Shouldn’t Have To Wear School Uniforms

By: Kaitlyn

Have you ever considered why kids have to wear school uniforms?  Wearing uniform is an awful thing for most students.  I think that students shouldn’t have to wear uniforms in school because it doesn’t allow individuality.  Also because uniforms are very expensive.  Finally because wearing uniforms takes away your freedom of expression.


First of all having to wear school uniforms doesn’t allow individuality.  Of course individuality is a very important thing for kids.  Kids should be allowed to show their individuality in schools.  I for one think that it would be boring having to dress the same as everyone else.  I’m sure that most kids would agree with me that having to wear uniforms is boring.

Another example is that it shows who you are.  Just imaging walking into a school where everyone around you are in uniforms.  You won’t be able to tell what type of person they are because they are all dressed the same as each other.  Wearing uniforms really doesn’t show who you are.

I interviewed some kids on what they thought about having to wear uniforms and about how wearing uniforms doesn’t allow individuality.  They all agreed with me that school uniforms doesn’t they all agreed with me that kids shouldn’t have to wear school uniforms and that school uniforms doesn’t allow you to show your individuality.

When kids have to wear uniforms it’s not only a disappointment to kids but also to parent because how expensive buying uniforms are.  Uniform tops cost $26.99, uniforms bottoms cost $34.99 or $44.99, pullovers cost $39.99 and vest cost $35.99.  That is just for an elementary school.  For example, kids are sometimes careless with their clothes.  If they get them stained or dirty then there parents have to spend more money on uniforms.  My brother has to wear a uniform and he gets it stained or he grows out of them a couple of times a year so my mom and dad have to go out and buy new ones.

Another example is that you have to pay that price.  What I mean by that is that there are never sales.  My mom has to buy uniform and when she comes home my dad asks how much it cost and it is always very expensive.

Also some people can’t afford to buy uniforms for school.  Some people may not even be able to go to school because of how expensive having to buy uniforms is.  That is not fair to the kids who want to go to school and get a good education but can’t because of how expensive uniforms are.

Finally having to wear uniforms takes away a kid’s freedom of expression.  Kids who are not able to show their freedom of expression is not fair.  The evidence that that supports this is that if you go to wear school uniforms there is a chance that they aren’t allowed to have a certain hair style.  A certain schools kids/teens aren’t allowed to have Mohawks or other hair styles like that.

My mom knew someone who went to a school where they had to wear school uniforms and they weren’t allowed to have more than 2 ear pierces or a nose piercing.  Freedom of expression is a very important thing for kids.

Kids having to wear school uniforms is not fair.  Students shouldn’t have to wear school uniforms because it doesn’t allow individuality, uniforms are very expensive and because it takes away a kids freedom of expression.  Principals, is it really worth kids having to come to school all looking the same?

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