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2052 - The Hawking Plan is Ira's free online novel. Please read it and pass it on! Stephanie Goldenrod strives to save human life and civilization for an infinite future. Amorality, amore and deep ethical and philosophical issues. What will life, liberty and technology be like several decades in the future? Click here for PREDICTIONS - How technology will affect life and liberty in future decades.

  • A peaceful world where large-scale military conflict is absent.
  • A political economy dominated and effectively ruled by transnational corporations.
  • A civilization where reason is trusted and faith is suspect.
  • A "positive ID" regime where religion-based terrorism has been suppressed, along with virtually all anonymity and privacy.
  • A society where most people, including ministers, priests and rabbis are not literal believers.
  • A post global warming world where humanity has been decimated by genetic engineering disasters.
  • A population served by Intelligent Robotic Agents, certified intelligent at the average human level.

A brilliant plan to spread human life and civilization far and wide into space as insurance against further disasters here on Earth. 2052 - The Hawking Plan

Want the latest version of the novel as a .pdf file? Want a professionally printed and bound copy? http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/queenbeebooks.

ALSO PUBLISHED BY IRA Several "Knols" (bits of knowledge) on Google's Knol platform. Some are a bit technical but should be accessible by a general audience:

Exercise in Bed - Do Your 4's! Some easy exercises you can do in four minutes flat in bed. Do some easy exercises in bed morning and evening. Energize yourself for the day. Relax yourself for some solid sleep every evening. If you do this every day for 120 years I guarantee you will live long :^)

Optimal Span What is the most effective span for a hierarchical structure? For example, Management Span of Control is optimally between 6 and 7...

Quantifying Brooks Mythical Man-Month Brooks Law states: “Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.” This Law is applicable to any task involving lots of people in complex interaction...

Bayesian AI Advisor Bayes Theorem has practical applications. Use it to make real world decisions. A relatively simple Excel-based tool helps you choose the right course of action in the face of uncertain probabilities and inexact test results. It is available for FREE.

Decision Aiding Tool - Do a Trade Study Choose the Best out of a set of attractive Alternatives. Buying a house, car, pet or PC; choosing a course of action at work? Here is how to get everyone involved and make a rational choice. A relatively simple and FREE Excel-based tool helps you make the right decision, including decisions in the face of uncertainty!

Aristotle's Physics - The Four Causes How would Aristotle have used computer graphics to depict his ideas about the Four Causes (Material, Formal, Efficient, and Final)? Written ca. 350 BC, his ideas appear primitive by our 21st Century standards but they capture the wisdom of the ages. The plain text is inadequate for modern understanding - graphics explain his concepts more clearly to a contemporary audience.

Aristotle's Physics - The Five Elements Powerpoint charts Aristotle might have drawn explaining the Five Elements (Aether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth).

Nash Bargain Advisor. John Nash won the 1994 Nobel in Economics for his work on what came to be known as "Nash Equilibrium", where two or more competing entities "cooperate" (without illegally colluding) to reach a "Nash Bargain". The book and movie "A Beautiful Mind" dramatized Nash's life story and work. A relatively simple Excel-based tool helps you calculate a Nash Bargain in a competitive situation. It is available for FREE.

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Data management is vital to any business as this is a key tool to an organisations business improvement, as you can refer back to data, and compare them against benchmarks. Analysing data can provide evidence for possible future structure such as identify trends, as well as indicate where improvements can be made. However there are strict procedures to be followed when collecting and storing data.

Why Collect HR Data

Organisations are required to keep data to meet legislative and regulatory law, such as pay records to supply to HMRC for tax and NI contributions and records of training given to staff to confirm with Health and Safety Act and Fire regulations.

Another key reason to keep data…show more content…

Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive, this can be achieved by weeding the files on a regular bases and deleting information no longer required.

Personal data shall be accurate and up to date, this can be achieved by asking staff members to review their file and confirm accuracy.

Personal data shall not be kept longer than is necessary, this could be relevant to disciplinary awards such as spent convictions or old written warning notices.

Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the rights of the data subjects under this act, for example only releasing data after a formal request.

Personal data should be protected, this can be achieved by adding locks to filing cabinets and password protecting electronic information.

Personal data should not be transferred to a country outside the EEA, exceptions may include legal requirements, or employee has given permission.

Freedom of Information Act. Is the UK government legislation that allows for the release to the public, information held by public authorities. One of the main reasons for this new legislation was to allow the public to ask how their tax payer’s money has been spent. Any request for information has to be submitted in written form and then answered within 20 working days, or an explanation as to why more time is required. Personal information will not be released, neither will certain sensitive data. The most famous request using this act was the

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