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I have always had a passion for food and with a degree in history, it is not a surprise that I fell in love with Downton Abbey, an era where food played an important role in social standing.

My husband, Lord D, and I are blessed to be able to spend a lot of time together and share the love for Downton. With his own English noble lineage, he loves the look back in time, thinking of his ancestors, and yearning for the return of the days of decorum. Me, I just dream of the large kitchens, bustling with activity as course after course was prepared for the family upstairs.

my idea of helping Mom shell peas

I learned to cook from my maternal grandmother who was not unlike Mrs. Patmore in stature, education and wit. Strict, demanding, but with a heart of gold. Both had to make do with available foodstuffs out in the countryside, but were able to pull off some amazing meals.

I am not affiliated with the Show…I am just a fan writing for fans. If you are looking to this blog for inspiration for your next Downton viewing gathering, and don’t find just the right item, think ‘What would Mrs. Patmore serve?” Or check out Abbey Cooks Entertain (2nd Edition) with 220+ great recipes for Downton entertaining throughout the year.

I do love to fish

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So many stories to wrap up in Season 6

Those who garden realize the rewards of their efforts when the harvest comes.  While grocers can now ship produce to us year-round, the best taste still comes from the local harvest. So like Mrs. Patmore smart cooks prepare what is in season for the best taste.

And speaking of our favorite cook, PBS announced the launch date of Season 6 of Downton Abbey, and yes, this will be the last season of this wonderful show. If you have not been following along, Julian Fellowes, who writes the show, has signed a deal to write an American version called The Gilded Age. Since he cannot write two shows at once, it was finally decided that this will be the final season of Downton.  We will have to say goodbye, and let our favorite characters live out the rest of their fictional lives off camera.

There are still many months before the launch (The UK will likely see a Sept. launch date), and we should not let the summer harvest pass us by. I visited our family estate (farm) in July and remembererd just how sweet peas are, so today we will be making a simple classic dish of Peas in Béchamel. It can be served upstairs as a side dish or downstairs as Creamed Peas on Toast. 

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