Edld 5398 Week 3 Assignment Analyzing

EDLD 5312 Case Study ReportPlease use this Framework for Analyzing Cultural Conflict (FACC), see Figure 2.1 of page 14 in the Cultures in Conflicts (CIC) text, as well as Appendix 1.For each of the 6 Case Studies, Chapters 4 – 9, offer responses to each of the case conflicts:1. What is the conflict and what is the cultural nature of the conflict?– you may use some of these attributes identified on page 1 of Chapter 1 as you describe the role that one of these cultural attributes played in the conflict – a conflict maycertainly have more than one cultural attribute contributing to the conflict, and may include categories not listed:a. raceb. ethnicity/nationalityc. social classd. sex/gendere. healthf. ageg. geographic regionh. sexualityi. religionj. social statusk. languagel. ability/disabilitym. other cultural issuesThe issue here is an understanding of ethnicity/nationality and race, but a lack of desire to actually accommodate those students into their campus environment.


EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability 


Use the following rubric to guide your work.

TasksAccomplishedProficientNeedsImprovementUnacceptableWeek 4 Assignment: Action Planning and Professional Growth

Part 1:Create acampusaction plan

Completesaction planwith all criticalelements fromthe lecture andPowerPointaddressed.Includes aminimum of threestrategies/activities toaddress theobjective inthe actionplan.

(10 points)

Completesaction planwith five to sixcriticalelements fromthe lecture andPowerPointaddressed.Includes twostrategies/activities toaddress theobjective inthe actionplan.

(8 points)

Completesaction planwith one tofour criticalelements fromthe lecture andPowerPointaddressed.Includes onestrategy/activity to addressthe objectivein the actionplan.

(7 points)

Does notcomplete anaction plan.

(0 points)Part 2:Complete anagenda foroneprofessionaldevelopmentday.

Develops aprofessionaldevelopmentagenda thatconnectsdirectly to thegoal andobjectivestated in theaction planand includesthe topic,subtopic, andstrategies/activities for theagenda’sdelivery.Completes adetailedtimeline andevaluationplan for follow-up professionalDevelops aprofessionaldevelopmentagenda thataddresses thegoal/objectivecited in theaction plan butdoes notspecifystrategies/activities todeliverprofessionaldevelopment.Creates afollow-up planthat lackssufficientdetail fortimeline and/orevaluationplan.Develops aprofessionaldevelopmentagenda thatfails to addressone of thefollowing: thegoal/objectivecited in theaction plan ora follow-upplan forprofessionaldevelopmentandimplementation.

(7 points)

Does not tietheprofessionaldevelopmentagenda to thegoal/objectivestated in theaction plan orstatestrategies/activities forprofessionaldevelopmentdelivery. Doesnot create atimeline orfollow-upprofessionaldevelopment.

(0 points)

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