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Students consider coping with papers always too hard. It never provides them with pleasure to create a piece. Moreover, it usually happens that a student fails at the very beginning when he/she can’t make up even a good topic. Thus, the desire vanishes in advance.

As interesting as art education is, it can be hard to decide what topic to choose when it comes to your thesis writing.

Here we have a list of art education thesis topics to help you on your way of writing a great paper:

  1. Academic Performance and Art Education: Does Art Increase Academic Performance When Students Have a More Creative Outlet?
  2. Students with Special Needs and Art Education: Why Art Is an Essential Tool for the Success of Students with Special Needs?
  3. Differences in Art Education in Schools: Should Art Programs in Schools Be Different or All the Same?
  4. What Are the Long-Term Effects of Art Education on Its Students?
  5. How Do Producing and Learning about Art Affect Cognitive Development?
  6. How Can You Engage Young Children in Art at Home?
  7. Effects of Art Education on Social Skills: Can Art Classes Help with Social Skills, or Does It Make Students More Isolated?
  8. Older Children and Art Education: How Can Older Children Benefit from Art Education?
  9. Good Practices of Art Education Teachers: A Teacher Is a Teacher, But What Specifically Makes a Good Art Teacher?
  10. New Technologies to Use in Art Classes: What’s out There for Teaching and for Learning?
  11. Creative Environment: What Are the Best Classroom Strategies to Motivate Students to Create Works of Real Art?
  12. Combining Art Across the Curriculum: How Can Art Be Incorporated into All Subjects? What Are the Benefits of Doing This?
  13. Using Art as a Way to Teach Culture: How Can It Be Done?
  14. Keeping Art Education Alive: How to Prevent Cutting down the Art Program When the University Is Looking to Save Money?
  15. Finding Funding for Art Education: What Are Some Different Ways to Find Proper Funding for Art Education Programs?
  16. Art Education Across the World: How Art Education Differs in Different Countries? What Things Are Better?
  17. Who Qualifies as an Art Educator?
  18. Promoting Group Learning Through Art: How Can Art Be Done As Group Work?
  19. Working with Other Schools: What Is an Innovative Way for Collaboration with Schools in the Same Area?
  20. The Future of Art Education: What Does the Future Hold for This Field?

These topics and the direct specific questions’ underneath will provide great resources as well as a start on your thesis. Choose one that  you are interested in, or several and then narrow them down. After that, start following the normal writing process to produce a great paper!

The hardest part of writing a dissertation is to know where to start. Don’t hesitate to take that stressful step away by using these topics. Let these ideas inspire you to come up with one on your own.

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The Master of Arts (MA) in Art Education is an individualized program designed for art education professionals who are dedicated to understanding, interpreting, and positioning themselves in relation to the language, theory, and social context of the arts and visual culture. Students in the program prepare to become exemplary facilitators and designers of active learning in schools, museums, cultural institutions, alternative community settings, and interactive media.

In keeping with the critical and diverse role that the arts and visual culture play in society, MA in Art Education students investigate the dynamic relationship between personal experience, professional goals, art education, and the public sphere. The students who pursue this degree become versed in current issues in areas such as cultural diversity, critical pedagogy, media literacy, feminist educational practice, arts advocacy, and school reform. The culminating thesis project combines critical inquiry and social engagement with students' past and present experiences. Students approach their thesis through a variety of methods of inquiry and forms of documentation, including organizing exhibitions, developing and implementing curriculum, and using digital technologies.

Each year, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago celebrates the culmination and closure of students' studies at the master's level. In studio areas, the celebration takes place in the form of the thesis exhibitions, while the academic areas complement this with the thesis abstracts publication. This thesis abstract collection gathers and showcases thesis research undertaken in six programs: Master of Arts in Arts Administration and Policy; Master of Arts in Art Education; Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History; Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling; Master of Arts in Teaching; and Master of Science in Historic Preservation. 

Thesis Abstracts

Each year, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago celebrates the culmination and closure of students' studies at the masters level. In studio areas, the celebration takes place in the form of the thesis exhibitions. The academic areas complement this with the publication of students' theses.

The SAIC Thesis Repository contains theses submitted since November 2013.

Theses submitted prior to November 2013 are listed in the Flaxman Library catalog.

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