Importance Of Spending Time With Family Essay

Spending Time with Family

The family is the pillar upon which the society leans. Without stable, united and organized family structures, the society and the nation at large would perish. For the family to be united and organized, everyone must put aside adequate time to spend with the rest of the family members. This paper evaluates the need to spend time with the family.

Traditionally, the family is composed of the father, mother, and children. Cousins, uncles, aunts, grandfather, grandmother, nieces and nephews among other relatives strengthen the family structure. The father and mother are expected to act as role models to their children and the children will pass the same role modeling to their children thus the prosperity of the family is attached to the role modeling displayed by parents and older siblings.

Parents have been known to do anything to protect and be with their little boys and girls. An extremely busy father can travel thousands of miles to be at home in time for his daughter’s birthday or his son’s graduation ceremony. The family, as is evident in such a case, is more important than one’s job or anything else in the world. The unity of the family is dependent on the members being in touch with each other. A husband needs to be in good relation with his wife and the two of them should cultivate a good relationship with their children. Such unity and a good relationship can only be enhanced through closeness and constant concern for each member’s well-being. A busy parent who has no time for his children or wife will ultimately lose contact with the rest of the family.

However busy the job schedule is, there must always be some time set aside when the family comes together and spends time as a unit. The wife needs to understand and take care of the concerns and the needs of his husband and the children, and this requires that she commits adequate time to spend with the rest of the family. Some needs are psychological such as the need for the family to be assured of their safety, security, and love. Other needs are emotional while others are physical such as the conjugal rights and responsibilities that a husband has towards his wife and wife to her husband.

By spending time together, a family is able to iron out any issues between the members. Any problem affecting one or more members is identified, discussed and solved but when the family is not in constant touch, some of the issues affecting members get swept under the rug and this ultimately results in the future breakup of the family. Both adults and children need to the change environment from time to time for them to feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated. The family needs to go on holidays together, attend events together, and hold parties and celebrations such as birthdays for them to feel a sense of unity and care for one another. When one of the children has a birthday, for instance, the presence of the parents and the other siblings means a lot to that particular individual. It portrays the extent of care and love that the family members feel for that person.

In conclusion, spending time with the family is a key element in the unity of the family. No single member of the family should be too busy or committed to be there for the other members. The well-being of each member is just as important and is dependent on that of the entire family. Consequently, spending as much time as possible with the family is the primary way through which the entire society gets to progress.

Spending quality family time together is very important

A strong family finds that opportunities for quality time emerge from quantity time: The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences.

Posted on June 15, 2013 by Suzanne Pish, Michigan State University Extension

Eating a meal together is a great way to spend quality time with your family.

A strong family finds that opportunities for quality time emerge from quantity time: The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences. Eating meals together, talking about the events of the day, sharing joys and defeats, doing household chores together and spending some evenings popping corn and watching movies are examples of shared activities. Some families even schedule one evening every week for special family activities.

Doing things a child or spouse wants to do also sends a strong message of love. It’s a good idea to identify the things family members want to do together. In my family, we spend our summers showing goats together. Every weekend we pack up the coolers, show equipment, children and goats, and we head to the next show.

Children will not forget meaningful one-on-one time

How much time should families spend together? That varies from family to family. Families with young children usually spend the most time together because young children need a great deal of physical care and guidance. Families with teenagers may spend less time together because teens naturally want to spend more time with their friends. Single parents need a break from their children and may need more opportunity to enjoy the company of other adults.

Healthy families keep a good balance between “too much” and “not enough” time together. They spend enough time to satisfy all family members. Children learn to bring balance to their lives when they see their parents setting aside time for what they value.

If you are wondering whether or not you are spending enough quality time with your child, Michigan State University Extension’sBuilding Strong Adolescent program that can help you determine if you’re spending enough time with your child/children.

Where should you start if you’re not spending enough time with your children?

Start with the family meal. “A family that dines together stays together” is a phrase that I have heard for years. Having a meal with your children away from distractions such as the TV, video games and cell phones can help start those conversations that you would like to, or need to have with your children. For more information about family meal ideas go to Family Meals are Important.

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